Update on Pepper

Just thought I should post an update on how Pepper is doing.

She’s doing much better now, but she’s not anywhere close to 100%. I recently took her in to get her leg x-rayed to make sure it wasn’t broken and it wasn’t. I did cut back on her food a little more than I already had to try and get her weight down to try and lesson the stress on both her good leg and bad leg. She’s lost a little weight, but not much. That could be due to not being able to be as active as she was before.

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Blizzard 2011

When the snow rolled through earlier this week, I at first didn’t think that it was that big of a deal. After all, I grew up in the Midwest and even spent a couple of years living in Maine. Snow is just a part of winter.

However, when I went out to actually shovel the snow, it was fairly obvious that this wasn’t typical. There was a drift that was literally 5ft high covering most of my driveway. Then the 12-15″ everywhere else. This wasn’t the light and fluffy snow either. I had to use a snow shovel to break it up before I could get at it with the snow blower.

5 Feet High

Where the drift started that covered the driveway.

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Welcome to the new and improved the-unsane.com. It has been many many years that I have planned on working on this website but I never had a clear idea of what it’s purpose should be. Well, now it has some direction.

Support for my Tinkering Calculator is provided through the forum however you must be registered to post there.

To leave your comments, suggestions, or questions you can either register, or you can even leave a comment without registering.

If you have any problems with any part of the website, you may also contact me at forumadmin -at- the-unsane -dot- com.

Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator

Changes in

  • Fixed a bug where the buffed skill was off by 1 point
  • Fixed a bug with the math for buffed Magic Item Tinkering

My Poor Dog :(

I’m sure that anyone who reads this and has talked to me probably knows about my dog Pepper.

She is such a great dog and her favorite thing in the whole world is to fetch her ball. If you came into my home and threw a ball for her, you were her friend for life.

Last night when we were playing ball like we usually do, I heard her yelp and not her typical momentary yelp that she does when she’s not actually hurt. This was a yelp that I hadn’t heard from her before, but I knew right away that something was wrong.

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