Endy’s Tinkering Calculator

Endy's Tinkering Calculator 2.3.2

Endy’s Tinkering Calculator is a stand alone program for the mmorpg game Asheron’s Call.

In just a few steps it allows you to see what your chances are of successfully tinkering an item from tink 1 to tink 10. Just select the tinkering skill you will be using, the workmanship of the item you are tinkering and the salvage you are using to tink it with.


On the Buffs tab you can select the spells for your tinkerer. You have the option of saving your tinkering skill levels and selected spells to different profiles if you have more than one tinkerer.


The Iron/Granite Calculator shows you the best way to increase your damage output when tinkering your melee weapon with iron and granite.


The Covenant Planner shows you how best to tink your Covenant armor based on the Priorities you choose, the starting stats, and the spells that come on the armor. It will also show you how far away you are from being able to optimally tink a piece of armor. You can also save your preferred priority preferences to different profiles.


Uninstall any previous versions before installing the new version. Support is provided through the forum.

Endy's Tinkering Calculator 2.3.2

Requires .Net 2.0

Current list of things to do:

  • Add Surge of Destruction to Iron/Granite Calculator

Changes in 2.3.2

  • Added Legendary buffs
  • Updated Epics to new values
  • Added Aura of the World
  • Added Critical Damage Rating on armor to Iron/GraniteCalculator
  • Added Damage Rating on clothing to Iron/Granite Calculator
  • Added ability to save a Profile for the Iron/Granite Calculator
  • Added an option to automatically fill out the Covenant Planner by pasting covenant armor ID information into the Planner
  • Bug Fix: Charmed Smith checked state was not saving to the database
  • Moved the location of the database from My Documents to AppData
  • Added the Salvage Modifiers to the database
  • Added the ability for future updates to be installed without uninstalling the previous version and downloading the new installer (hopefully)
  • Minor Menu and appearance tweaks

Changes in 2.3.1

  • Now when entering a text box, all current text will be selected
  • Added option to turn off Automatically Check For Updates
  • Added option to Check For Update manually
  • Fixed issue with Covenant Planner Results showing above 2.0

Changes in 2.3

  • Added a Covenant Planner to help tinker Covenant armor
  • Added the ability to save Tinkering Profiles for those people who have more than one tinkerer
  • Added a column to the results of the Iron/Granite Calculator to show variance
  • Minor Tweaks to the UI
  • Added a separate selection for Blood Drinker VIII in the Iron/Granite Calculator based on whether it’s cast or found in loot
  • Consolidated some of the help menus
  • Cleaned up some of the code
  • Bug Fix: PopUp button for Iron/Granite Calculator wasn’t working

Changes in

  • Removed Gear Crafting from Tinkering Calculator
  • Values of less than 1 can now be used for Minimum Damage
  • Removed UA Bonus from Iron/Granite Calculator
  • Added Mastery to Iron/Granite Calculator

Changes in

  • Bug Fix: Cloaks on the Buffs Tab only worked when selecting for Armor Tinkering

Changes in

  • Added Cloaks to the Buffs Tab
  • Added Jack of All Trades Augmentation to the Buffs Tab
  • Added spell levels I-VI to Buffs
  • Changed from using radio buttons for Buffs to drop down boxes
  • Settings are now saved to an .xml file in the users Documents folder
  • Bug Fix: Program didn’t throw an error when the Iron/Granite Submit button was pressed with the number of tinks not selected
  • Changed the code for the Iron/Granite formulas to clean it up a bit and make it easier for any changes later
  • Changed the way the Iron/Granite Results are displayed
  • Fixed a typo in the pop up dialog if Minimum Damage was not entered
  • Added a pop up button for the Iron/Granite Results so that the results can be compared side to side

Changes in

  • Tweaked the appearance of the Iron/Granite Calculator a bit
  • Tweaked the formula for CB damage slightly
  • Tweaked the formula for calculating Damage Rating and Critical Damage Rating
  • Bug Fix: Shouldn’t be able to select both Decks of Cards because they share a timer
  • Bug Fix: Selecting both Rabbit’s Foot and Graveyard Gem would give incorrect results
  • Bug Fix: Code to calculate critical hit damage if CB selected not working as intended
  • Bug Fix: Mistyped formula for calculating when CS is selected
  • Bug Fix: Small calculation error when CS is selected (Different from above)
  • Bug Fix: Non-capitalized letter for Sigil of Destruction 4 which would prevent it from being used in calculations

Changes in

  • New feature: Iron/Granite calculator – includes Rabbit’s Foot and Graveyard Gem as options
  • New Feature: The ability to specify the exact workmanship of salvage you want to use
  • Added Sigil of Fury to Buffs Tab
  • Added a place to show the formulas I use for both Tinkering and Iron/Granite
  • Bug Fix: When switching between tinkering skills, the drop-down box for choosing salvage doesn’t clear
  • Bug Fix: Small tinkering calculator error
  • Bug Fix: Non-capitalized letter for one of the salvages which would have made it impossible to use

Changes in

  • Dedication Set has been updated with current values

Changes in

  • Fixed a bug where the buffed skill was off by 1 point
  • Fixed a bug with the math for buffed Magic Item Tinkering

Changes in

  • Added individual base tinkering skill level
  • Once you set your base skill level for each skill, the calculator remembers them the next time you open the program
  • Once you have selected your buffs on the Buffs Tab, those settings will be remembered the next time you open the program
  • Added Gear Crafting to the list of skills
  • Removed Silk from the list of salvage types since it no longer requires a skill check
  • Added imbue salvages
  • Added more Armor Sets that affect tinkering skills
  • Added Luminance abilities that affect tinkering skills
  • Added a few more buffs
  • You no longer need to click on a Calculate button to get your buffed skill, it’s done automatically