I’m one of those people who has a ton of ideas, but who has a tendency to make them too big and too complicated.

Recently I have been working on refining those ideas into more realistic projects and goals.


I have various interests and a hard time maintaining focus on any one thing. This website will hopefully be a place where I can work on some of my projects and even show them off a little.

One of my current projects is learning how to program in C#. I also dabble in webpage design.


Growing up, I think I was always sharing too much too soon with other people. I’ve mostly broken that habit, but it’s still nice to have an outlet.


So that’s what this website is about and I plan to expand on it as I move forward from here.

In case anyone was curious about the name of my website, I picked up the term “unsane” from a book called Armor by John Steakley. Armor is probably my all time favorite book. Beyond that, I just couldn’t think of a better name.