Silence is a plugin to help manage chat in Asheron’s Call. Silence is currently being released as a beta. Use at your own risk.

Silence 1.0.0


  • Unlimited Player Squelch List – squelch someone completely or just on certain chat channels
  • NPC Squelch List – squelch annoying NPC spam without affecting the interaction dialogue
  • Change Chat Channel Colors – make it easier to read the global chat channels by differentiating them by color
  • Filters – various chat filters for things like Bot Spam, Fail to Affect messages, Melee Evades, Magic Resists and more
  • XP and Luminance Per Kill – options to show how much xp and luminance you are getting per kill

Silence - Squelch List

Silence - NPC Squelch List

Silence - Filters

Silence - Chat Channel Options

Silence 1.0.0


  • Decal or greater
  • .Net Framework 2.0

Known Issues:

  • When using Silence and GoArrow with the clickable coords option turned on, that message may be repeated
  • With the Bot Spam filter turned on, some bot speech can be filtered that you don’t want filtered, example Ting’s portal bot and giving the !whereto command in open chat. The workaround is to /t the bot instead

Current List of Things To Do:

  • Alphabetize squelch lists
  • Add an easier way of sharing the settings files for those that play on multiple computers
  • Possibly add chat windows to replace the standard chat windows for options like Click Through
  • Possibly add clickable coords that work with GoArrow (to alleviate the issue with messages repeated when using Silence and GoArrow together)
  • Add more chat filters
  • Maybe add in the ability to change the chat window or color of specific chat filters instead of just filtering