Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator 2.3.2 – Spring is Cancelled Edition

Changes in 2.3.2

  • Added Legendary buffs
  • Updated Epics to new values
  • Added Aura of the World
  • Added Critical Damage Rating on armor to Iron/GraniteCalculator
  • Added Damage Rating on clothing to Iron/Granite Calculator
  • Added ability to save a Profile for the Iron/Granite Calculator
  • Added an option to automatically fill out the Covenant Planner by pasting covenant armor ID information into the Planner
  • Bug Fix: Charmed Smith checked state was not saving to the database
  • Moved the location of the database from My Documents to AppData
  • Added the Salvage Modifiers to the database
  • Added the ability for future updates to be installed without uninstalling the previous version and downloading the new installer (hopefully)
  • Minor Menu and appearance tweaks

I wanted to get to this sooner, but couldn’t. Partly because there were some things I wanted to get done before I released a new version and I knew it would take a little time to get those done.

One of those things is the added ability to paste covenant armor ID info into the Covenant Planner and have it fill out most of the fields for you. There may be quirks that need to be worked out of this yet, so be cautious. The sample ID’s I had I believe were from Mag-tools ID’s. If someone wants to post some from Alinco I can see if those work or if I need to make adjustments for them to work.

I also wanted to mention the Salvage Modifiers. Awhile back when Turbine adjusted the names of bags of salvage, there was a side effect that tinkering all of a sudden became easier. Assuming that this was unintended and would be fixed, I did not make any changes to the calculator based on that. However, as far as I know, it is still not fixed. Therefore I have another solution. I added the Salvage Modifiers to the database. You can go in and edit the modifiers yourself if you want. (Basically just changing the modifiers from their current values to 10.) Or else you can download a modified database from here.

I did not change the values of the Armatures because I do not know if they were affected or not.

Just download it, extract it, and replace your current database with it. (This will delete any saved profiles and settings you have.) The database should be located in C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Endy’s Tinkering Calculator\settings.s3db or C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Application Data\Endy’s Tinkering Calculator\settings.s3db depending on your version of Windows.

As usual, let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

4 comments on “Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator 2.3.2 – Spring is Cancelled Edition

  1. Hey, do you happen to have a copy of the source or the tinkering algorithm you’d be willing to share? I’m trying to reproduce it on one of the AC emulators, but imbues are a bit off.

  2. It’s been awhile and I don’t currently have ETC installed, but I think I put the math I was using under help?

    Downloads are currently broken so if you need a copy of ETC to install, let me know.

  3. Could I get a copy of ETC 2.3.2? I could only find downloads of an older version


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