Release – Silence 1.0.0 (beta)

Silence is a simple to use chat managing plugin that helps to make reading chat a little easier. (Aka STFU 😉 )


  • Unlimited Player Squelch List – squelch someone completely or just on certain chat channels
  • NPC Squelch List – squelch annoying NPC spam without affecting the interaction dialogue
  • Change Chat Channel Colors – make it easier to read the global chat channels by differentiating them by color
  • Filters – various chat filters for things like Bot Spam, Fail to Affect messages, Melee Evades, Magic Resists and more
  • XP and Luminance Per Kill – options to show how much xp and luminance you are getting per kill

Silence requires Decal or above and .Net 2.0.

This is my first attempt at a Decal plugin and hopefully not the last, though I still have a lot to learn.

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome. Visit for the full details and to download the plugin.

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