Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator

Changes in

  • Tweaked the appearance of the Iron/Granite Calculator a bit
  • Tweaked the formula for CB damage slightly
  • Tweaked the formula for calculating Damage Rating and Critical Damage Rating
  • Bug Fix: Shouldn’t be able to select both Decks of Cards because they share a timer
  • Bug Fix: Selecting both Rabbit’s Foot and Graveyard Gem would give incorrect results
  • Bug Fix: Code to calculate critical hit damage if CB selected not working as intended
  • Bug Fix: Mistyped formula for calculating when CS is selected
  • Bug Fix: Small calculation error when CS is selected (Different from above)
  • Bug Fix: Non-capitalized letter for Sigil of Destruction 4 which would prevent it from being used in calculations

I would like to say thanks to Mina for helping me troubleshoot and check my math. Most of the bug fixes were either typos in the code or things that got missed when moving bits of code around.

Hopefully that takes care of all of the calculation bugs. If you notice any others, please let me know and I will take care of them asap.

I have already started working on the next release. I plan on adding more output information for the Iron/Granite Calculator. I’m also taking suggestions if you think there is anything my program is missing or if you have an idea that you think will make it better.

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