The New Look

A few weeks ago it appeared that someone tried to gain access to my account here. That led me to do some checking up on the security. One thing about WordPress I didn’t like when I installed it was that it didn’t give you an option to change your login name from admin. What’s the point of having a separate login and display name if everyone knows that the login name for the admin account is admin? I quickly remedied that situation only to find out that Simple:Press, the forum software I was using, was even worse about it. The link to your profile page actually used your login name instead of your display name!

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Welcome to the new and improved It has been many many years that I have planned on working on this website but I never had a clear idea of what it’s purpose should be. Well, now it has some direction.

Support for my Tinkering Calculator is provided through the forum however you must be registered to post there.

To leave your comments, suggestions, or questions you can either register, or you can even leave a comment without registering.

If you have any problems with any part of the website, you may also contact me at forumadmin -at- the-unsane -dot- com.