Release – Asheron’s Call 2 MultiClient 1.1.5682.18892

I noticed a few bugs in the previous release that didn’t show up in my initial testing. Hopefully I have taken care of those.

I was also able to get the AC1 options to work using Decal with the Dual Log option enabled.


  • Enabled AC1 options
  • Bug Fix: Not storing path information in the database correctly when no paths are known possibly causing issues with saving any information to the database
  • Various other small bug fixes
  • Minor updates to the database

Release – Asheron’s Call 2 MultiClient 1.1.5675.24118

Long overdue. (This is actually a couple of updates rolled into one.)

I attempted to add the ability to log into AC1 as well, but it looks like I will need a bit of help to get that to open more than one client at a time. For the moment the AC1 options are disabled.

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