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Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator

Changes in

  • Fixed a bug where the buffed skill was off by 1 point
  • Fixed a bug with the math for buffed Magic Item Tinkering

My Poor Dog :(

I’m sure that anyone who reads this and has talked to me probably knows about my dog Pepper.

She is such a great dog and her favorite thing in the whole world is to fetch her ball. If you came into my home and threw a ball for her, you were her friend for life.

Last night when we were playing ball like we usually do, I heard her yelp and not her typical momentary yelp that she does when she’s not actually hurt. This was a yelp that I hadn’t heard from her before, but I knew right away that something was wrong.

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Release – Endy’s Tinkering Calculator

After a lot of time and multiple distractions, I finally sat down to update my Tinkering Calculator.

To be honest, I had started working on an update not long after the last release, but I was never fully happy with it and there was still a lot that I didn’t know how to do in C#.

This new version is much better and I am very pleased with it.

Changes in

  • Added individual base tinkering skill level
  • Once you set your base skill level for each skill, the calculator remembers them the next time you open the program
  • Once you have selected your buffs on the Buffs Tab, those settings will be remembered the next time you open the program
  • Added Gear Crafting to the list of skills
  • Removed Silk from the list of salvage types since it no longer requires a skill check
  • Added imbue salvages.
  • Added more Armor Sets that affect tinkering skills
  • Added Luminance abilities that affect tinkering skills
  • Added a few more buffs
  • You no longer need to click on a Calculate button to get your buffed skill, it’s done automatically